" Make Your Child Future Ready "
CBSE small step towards AI, giant leap for Indian education!
=> Academic Year 2019-20

=> CBSE makes Python compulsory in computer science for class 11 & 12

=> Academic Year 2020-21

=> CBSE adds AI & Neural networks in Class 8 & 9 syllabus

Research shows coding as the best skill for enhancing child's creativity by 90%

Coding is a 21st century life skill as 800 mn jobs move to AI & robotics in the next few years.

Various Forecasts tell AI & robotics will make up for more than ~70 % of jobs in the next 10 years

" The problem is not in the education, it's in the age "
Outside India 1 in 3 learn coding before they turn 15, whereas in India the ratio is 1:10.
It's a fact that today's top developers had actually started learning programming in school.
Most of the graduates lack :

=> Logical skill

=> Sequential skills

=> Structural skills

=> Algorithmic skills

On ReadApp we help you to become a good programmer by developing your logical and algorithmic thinking skills with our easy-to understand handson programming courses.

" Your Child Can Code "

Teaching Necessary 21st Century Skills To The Young Generation


(K5 to K12)
Learn Artificial intelligence, Python as per CBSE syllabus, Learn Coding, Create Games, Build Websites & Apps, Learn on Emerging Technologies, Build Logical and Algorithmic Skills


(College students / Job Seekers)
Your College Alternative to a Premium Software Engineering Career. Nowadays IT companies & startups are hiring coders without degrees. Acquire Hands-On Skills on Python, AI, ML etc


(Teacher / Institution)
Start Your Own Online Course, Give Online Assignments, Create Quiz/Tests, Conduct Live classes, Conduct Live Doubt Clearing Classes, Create Discussion Forums and much more

As per Mckinsey Global Research Institute, 80% of children entering  primary school today will end up in jobs that require high logical skills, data science, algorithmic thinking and programming skills.

Key Offerings

Live Classroom

Audio, Video playback

Live class & doubt clearing sessions by domain subject experts

Self Online Learning

Study Anytime, Anywhere

Learn by Doing with practical examples that you can edit and run.

On Campus Training

classroom training

Partner with preschools, training centers, schools & colleges

Practise Coding on Browser

100% Browser Based Solution

No extra hardware or software installation required to learn

" On ReadApp you learn by doing and earn cash for learning "

Committed To Preparing The Young Generation With Future-ready Life Skills

Online Code Platform
30+ coding languages, practise programming on browser, anywhere, any device and anytime

Career Counselor
Online career counseling
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Recruitment solution
for ReadApp Students

IT courses as per CBSE syllabus (Class 8 to 12)


Courses on emerging technologies (5yrs to 17 yrs)


Job oriented IT courses for Graduation students


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