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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we admit only 20 candidates per year in our Job Gurantee Course Program?

We take only 20 candidates per year in our Job Guarantee Course Programs so that we can give personal attention to each candidate admitted to the course and give our best effort in making them industry ready to get them placed with our recruitment partners.

Also we give a money back guarantee if you are not placed in our job guarantee course program hence we try our level best in training you and getting you placed in a good company.

Why should students in schools start learning Coding, Python, AI & Robotics?

The current phase globally is under a huge technological transformation and the coming near future world is going to be dominated by artificial intelligence. As per recent statistics around 80% of the students enrolled in schools today are going to land with jobs which require good logical skills, algorithmic skills, real life problem solving skills and good programming skills.

Knowing the essence CBSE board has already introduced Artificial Intelligence as a skills subject in it’s Class 8, 9 & 10 curriculum from 2020 onward and has made Python course compulsory for class 11 & 12 from 2020 onward. This shows the importance why schools students in India should start learning coding. Scientifically also it is proved that coding improves students brain and memory power.

Young children acquire skills like Analytical Thinking, Innovation, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Analysis and Complex Problem Solving through Computational Thinking based courses of Coding, AI, Robotics & Logic. These are skills required for children to excel and succeed in future.

Already many students nation wide from the age between 6years above have started learning coding, AI, Python, Robotics from different online providers. So why should your child or your younger brother stay back?

How is ReadApp's self paced learning course different from other edtech players?

ReadApp is an award winning edtech platform where students have to practice each concept they learn through it’s structured byte sized course curriculum and activity based online platform integrated to an internal doubt clearing technology where a student asks doubt on each topic to the ReadApp Instructor Team.


Where school students figure out how to code utilizing visual code blocks that represent real programming logic & concepts. And they continue to play through interest-driven activities, coding puzzles, and much more while completing their syllabus.



Where college students and job seekers learn while honing their logical skills & study on emerging technologies  with hands on courses designed with byte sized activity based job focused content, online virtual labs and assisted recruitment solution.

Committed To Preparing The Young Generation With Future-ready Life Skills

” As per Mckinsey Global Research Institute, 80% of children entering  primary school today will end up in jobs that require high logical skills, data science, algorithmic thinking and programming skills. “

" Your Child Can Code "

Job-Ready Skills: Only at ReadApp

Master Programming LogicYesNo
Byte Sized Content
Inbuilt Code Editor For Live PracticalYesNo
Learn Each Step By DoingYesNo
Practitioner-level skillsYesNo
Job-focused contentYesNo
Real-Life ProjectsYes
24×7 Doubt Clearing ClassesYes
Real Human HelpYes
Placement SolutionYes

ReadApp is the world’s easiest, fastest, most efficient way to master the skills tech companies want. 100% online, Practical based content and Online Coding Lab.

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