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Blocks to Game Designing


    Scientifically it is proved that creation of games requires a high level of logical and creativity skills. This course aims to improve your child’s logical and creativity skills through the way of an interactive drag and drop user interface where your child fosters his imagination skills to visual representation hence creating games. Your child will get access to a highly game design virtual interface to learn different concepts,design and create games.

    Course Curriculum

    Blocks to Game Design
    Blocks 00:00:00
    Scripts 00:00:00
    Sprites 00:00:00
    Types of Blocks 00:00:00
    Sprites and Parallelism 00:00:00
    Costumes and Sounds 00:00:00
    Inter-Sprite Communication with Broadcast 00:00:00
    Nesting Sprites: Anchors and Parts 00:00:00
    Reporter Blocksand Expressions 00:00:00
    Predicates and Conditional Evaluation 00:00:00
    Variables 00:00:00
    Debugging 00:00:00
    Saving & Running the Game 00:00:00

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    • 5,000.00 2,000.00 per 6 months
    • 180 Days
    • 13 Units
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