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Coding – Logic Builder


What is logic?

A system or set of principles underlying the arrangements of elements in a computer or electronic device so as to perform a specified task.

Many study computer science but when you ask them to write a program they fail because they lack in logic. Logic is the backbone of a computer program. So if you want to be a great IT programmer you need to develop your logical skills.

This is your first step to the field of coding and this is the first chapter where you will learn how programs are created through the use of different logic. In a fun and gamified manner you will learn what are blocks and how they are used.

Course Includes

  • Total 15 hours Live Classes to be completed in maximum 15 days.
  • Home assignments
  • Options to choose¬† 1¬† or 2 live classes a week (2 hours each day)
  • 60 days access to the curriculum content
  • Assessment & Course Completion Certificate

Mode of Training: Online

Requirements: A Laptop or Desktop with web cam & an Internet connection

Course Curriculum

Build Coding Logic through Coding Games
Game 1 2 weeks, 1 day
Game 2 00:00:00
Game 3 00:00:00
Game 4 00:00:00
Game 5 00:00:00
Game 6 00:00:00
Game 7 00:00:00
Game 8 00:00:00
  • 1,200.00 700.00
  • 15 Days
  • 8 Units
  • 2 weeks, 1 day

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