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WordPress For Begginers


    Why you need to learn wordpress?

    WordPress is the most used cms used for creating websites to web applications to hybrid web apps in the most easiest way. More than world’s 30% of websites are on wordpress. With the largest developer community on earth it holds thousands and thousands freebies like themes, plugins to build your website in ease.

    This course will help the beginners to understand wordpress and build a website using wordpress without the need of coding. The best part is you can build a website without the need to learn to code.

    “But remember if you need to be an expert developer where you want to create applications for your own need and choice you need to learn php, css, html, html5, javascript, jquery etc to help build innovation plugins and themes for wordpress.

    Course Curriculum

    How to Install WordPress
    How to Install WordPress 00:00:00
    Introduction to Wordpress
    Introduction to WordPress 00:00:00
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    • 2 Units

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