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Why Computer Science?

Coding is one of the most used language in the world. In this era, where most jobs involve programming and dealing with software, coding has now become the popular language worldwide. Considering this picture in mind, we should start teaching coding as a part of literacy in the digital era.

By 2024, more than 100,00,000 jobs will come online

51%of all STEM jobs are in Computer Science field.

90%parents want their child’s school to teach Computer Science and required technological skills that help them to get high skilled and paying jobs.

However, only 1 out of every 300Indian schools is offering Computer Science Programming to their students.

Considering Gender-gap in 2018, only 23% of studentstaking the AP CS exam were Girls.

Most Coding jobs are projected to grow faster than all other jobs in next 10 years.

The biggest benefit of Coding is *Computational Thinking

*Computational Thinking is a way of solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behaviour that draws on concepts fundamental to Computer Science.

Computational Thinking is equal to the development of Computer Application but it can also be used to support problem-solving ability across all discipline including Maths, Science, and Humanities. Students who learn CT in their curriculum can begin to see a relationship between subjects as well as between school and life outside of it.

April 4, 2020

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